Thursday, March 29, 2007

BMW's hydrogen car: a good solution to global warming

Since a little more than six months, a reporter for the BBC Jorn Madslien tried a brand new car from the BMW Company. It is called the BMW Hydrogen 7 and it is powered by liquid hydrogen. Everybody know that environment is an important issue, probably the most important as the years go by and as the planet and the atmosphere is more than tired of being so much pollute. With this new car that makes no emission of harmful gas, BMW take a stand for environment and take a step in a new technological area. That six-litre engine delivers 300bhp and is there to save the world but also to give a very good look for the company.

Of course, there is some disadvantage and la lot of advantage too but the biggest challenge is the economical problem. It is hard to find investors and companies that wil invest into something that maybe will not work. To throw in the market a car like that, you have to give the same services than on any other car. In the present time, there are only 5 fuelling stations in the world supporting BMW's technology. In Germany alone, it would cost 23 billions euros to introduce 2,000 hydrogen filling stations. That is a lot of money for any investor who is not even sure that is investment will come back in part to him.

Another alternative would be to use cars that work with hydrogen and fuel when the hydrogen tank is empty. There are a lot of solutions to decrease significantly pollution made by car but any of them are extremely expensive. The question that BMW and anyone living on this earth has to ask themselves is how much are we ready to spend for the wealth of the next generations?

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OrangeGreenHatFishMonkey said...

The problem with any fuel based technology (hydrogen included) is you have the energy cost of lugging it around (distribution).

I think electric cars are the best solution, if you had a high powered version of this:
Wireless power hidden in curbside's everywhere. Get rid of filling stations altogether. Of course a 20AMP plug with a barcode for billing would probably work too, but wouldn't be as cool.

But we do have to invest serious $$$ in public transport, as well as redesign cites so that most of what you need is less than 1km from your home. Driving thousands of miles each year just to sit in an office is just bonkers.